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Messiah Studios

What is Messiah Studios? A Christian company, who believes in the Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that develops media & assists in the creation of 2D/3D Animated Films, 3D Video Game Environments, Android Apps, Website Design (including Web Hosting & Domain Registration), Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Are you or your team really Christian? I believe that "The Bible" a.k.a. "The Word of GOD" is without Error and Completely True. Jesus Christ is my "Lord & Savior". At the moment its just me (Kenneth James Mendoza) but am more than happy to collaborate with fellow like minded individuals who want to produce content.

What kind of Christian are you? I come from a Non-Denomination background.

What kind of church do you go to? I go to a church that does "Expository Preaching", you get to hear & read "The Bible" a.k.a. "The Word of GOD", you will not hear about the time the pastor did this or that or this.